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Two men hang from gymnastics rings and comically flex their muscles in a CrossFit gym.

A tall smiling man poses with his arms crossed in front of a rack of barbells.Here are the details for the #204Open that starts Friday!

– There is still time to join a team. You, too, can be part of the Müscle Crüe or The Iron Madams. Talk to Damon/Thomas or Scott or any coach. 

– The first workout will be announced on Thursday night, and we will do it all day in class on Friday. All regular evening classes are cancelled. We will run the evening Open workouts in a Friday Night Lights format. Show up, sign up for a heat on the whiteboard, be entertained by Mike and Crystal, do the workout, then cheer for your friends. Each week, Friday night will likely be the entertainment highlight of your year.

Week 1 theme: Retro Night! Show up in whatever gear/costume you consider to be retro. Got an ’80s aerobic outfit? Might come in handy. Have a Led Zeppelin concert T from 1973? Legendary. Got your parents 1960s leisure wear in a trunk? Get it out! We are kicking it old school this week. Points are available for participation and epic apparel.

– Special Opening Ceremonies: Friday, Feb. 22, at 5 p.m. We will light the #204Open flame, honour our 2018 and 2019 captains, and rock out with a vengeance. Heats will start between 5:30 and 5:45.

– Workout scores must be logged on the CrossFit Games website before Monday. We cannot do this for you. Make sure you get your scores in.

– Points are awarded for fun, participation, spirit and special accomplishments. In Week 1, you can already score points by changing your Facebook profile picture to include a specific frame for your team. Ask your teammates to help you do it you need assistance. (Tap your profile pic, click “add frame,” and search for “CrossFit 204.”)

– There can be only fun. 

– Contact captains and coaches if you have questions!

Sign up on the CrossFit Games website!

Two men face each other and raise their fists in front of a crowd and bright lights directed skyward.

Direct from the Office of the Commissioner comes this update, which contains everything you need to know.

The #204Open is an annual in-house event that’s linked to the CrossFit Games Open. We register on the CrossFit Games website, and you’ll be able to see our gym on the leaderboard as we complete 5 workouts announced on the site starting on Feb. 21. We’re going to do these workouts in class on Fridays whether you register for the Open or not.

The #204Open is all about fun. We’ve created two in-house teams, with points awarded for spirit, participation and, to a lesser extent, fitness. But that doesn’t mean you have to be very competitive to join. You just need to be ready to have fun. 

Athletes who were registered as of last Friday were drafted onto teams, and you can find the rosters below. Now, teammates and captains will be recruiting everyone who remains. Join the Iron Madams (Capt. Scott) or Müscle Cruë (Capt. Damon and Capt. Thomas).

A group of athletes pose and flex their muscles wearing beach clothes in a CrossFit gym.
All for fun, fun for all!

Here’s the exact rundown:

1. Join an in-house team. Then register on the CrossFit Games website. Be sure to select CrossFit 204 as your affiliate no matter what in-house team you join. The cost is $20 US.

2. Check out the Madams and Crüe Facebook pages. Chirping is encouraged.

3. Plan to do the Open workout on Friday in class, or on Friday evenings during special themed extravaganzas—start times TBA each week. Points will be awarded for showing up in the costume of the week, for example. Athletes can also do the workouts Sundays in the open gym slot.

4. Each week, you must register your score on the CrossFit Games website on time. We can’t do this for you or help you if you miss the deadline.

5. Have fun and celebrate our 204 community. This event is essentially 5 “spirit weeks” in a row, so enjoy yourself!

Now, here are the team rosters:

Müscle Crüe: Greg, Michelle M. (former captain!), Analyn, Jen F., Jaime, James, Leandro (former captain!), Leigh, Misty, Val Mc, Sharron, Craig.

The Iron Madams: Vince, Chris H., Cody, Misha, Ben Y., Kathy, Yvonne, CKP, Boyd, Chris Y., Margarita, Britt, Theresa, Sage (former captain!), Donagh (former captain!), Cheryl

A bagpiper leads a happy group of athletes around a CrossFit gym.

Here’s how—and why—CrossFit 204 members should sign up for our in-house fun-filled competition during the 2019 CrossFit Games Open.

Step 1: Join an internal team—either Müscle Crüe (Damon or Thomas) or The Iron Madams (Scott).

Step 2: Register on the CrossFit Games website.

Step 3: Do the workouts every week starting Feb. 21, either on Fridays in class or on Sundays in open gym. The Open workouts will be the gym workouts, so you aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary—but we will have evening blocks set aside for you to hang out and do the workout with your teammates if you like.

Step 4: Have fun! Points are awarded for gym spirit! This is a “competition” in name only. We’re all about celebrating the 204 community. You can score points for your team by dressing up, cheering and having fun.

Check out the #204Open hashtag on Instagram to see what we did last year—and tag your pics.

If you have any questions, talk to a coach!