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A bagpiper leads a happy group of athletes around a CrossFit gym.

Here’s how—and why—CrossFit 204 members should sign up for our in-house fun-filled competition during the 2019 CrossFit Games Open.

Step 1: Join an internal team—either Müscle Crüe (Damon or Thomas) or The Iron Madams (Scott).

Step 2: Register on the CrossFit Games website.

Step 3: Do the workouts every week starting Feb. 21, either on Fridays in class or on Sundays in open gym. The Open workouts will be the gym workouts, so you aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary—but we will have evening blocks set aside for you to hang out and do the workout with your teammates if you like.

Step 4: Have fun! Points are awarded for gym spirit! This is a “competition” in name only. We’re all about celebrating the 204 community. You can score points for your team by dressing up, cheering and having fun.

Check out the #204Open hashtag on Instagram to see what we did last year—and tag your pics.

If you have any questions, talk to a coach!

Trainer Crystal Kirby coaches an athlete to improve the rack position for a push press.
Coaching and smiles—the heart of our program.

You might have seen an announcement about a few changes to the CrossFit Games.

If you didn’t, the announcement is here: Morning Chalkup.

I’ll tell you what it means for us at CrossFit 204: Absolutely nothing.

We made a number of changes years ago that put our focus squarely on health, and we’re right in line with CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman’s vision. That’s why we have a Legends program, it’s why Rise Up Physiotherapy is in our building, and it’s why we invested so heavily in starting 204 Lifestyle to help people improve their health by eating better.

We have for years known that diet and fitness with friends are far more important than any competition.

That doesn’t mean we don’t think you should compete or that we don’t support you when you do. We’re happy that people choose to apply their fitness in competitions, and we’re proud of everything they accomplish. We just don’t place any extra emphasis on competition, and we haven’t for years.

Those of you who have been around for about five years have no doubt noticed the change. The best example is how we treat the Open. Back in the day, it was a stressful time with so many competitors vying for spots in Regionals. Now, we treat the Open as a five-week celebration of our 204 community. The scores don’t matter, but the smiles do. All we care about is fit people having fun and being healthy, and we’ll leave the leaderboard to you if you’re interested. You’re all No. 1 to us.

The time we once spent organizing or training for competitions is now spent making our nutrition program better, meeting with seniors about our Legends program and finding ways to make our CrossFit program even more fun and inclusive.

The CrossFit Games will always be there, and they’ll always be interesting—just like the Olympics. But I’ve been to the Games for 10 years, and if I had to choose between watching the Games and watching our Legends push sleds around the gym at 10 a.m., on a Thursday morning, I’d be on Berry Street with a cup of coffee and a smile.

Why not be great?

It’s that time of the year when we’re getting ready for the CrossFit Games Open.

If you’re wondering if you should enter, read this post from 2015. There’s no pressure either way. As long as we see you in the gym, we’re thrilled. But if you want to join the team, have at ‘er!

Here’s our plan for 2016:

1. Fun is foremost. Everything else is secondary. Egos are checked at the door. Give your all in each event, thank your judge and cheer on your colleagues.

2. The week’s event will be programmed every Friday as our workout of the day. As is always the case in everything you do, your coach will discuss the event at the beginning of each class/session. Together, you’ll figure out scaling and modifications and discuss a plan to get the best results. For instance, we can talk strategy if a load is just too heavy or a certain movement isn’t available.

3. For those of us competing, Judged Events will be as follows:

– Fridays from 19:00-21:00 p.m. (first heat at 19:10)
– Sundays from 1030 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (first heat at 10:40)

Please arrive early to perform an appropriate warm-up that doesn’t disturb the class that’s in session. The coach running the class will be happy to direct you to free space and equipment.

Cheer for your friends!

If you cannot attend at either of these times, please contact Cody Bernard via email at cody@crossfit204.com, and we will look to see what accommodations can be made.

4. A heat sign-up sheet will be posted by the whiteboard the evening after the event announcement occurs. First come, first served.

5. Submit your score before the posted deadline. We cannot help you if you do not submit on time.

6. On reattempting an event:

Any requests to reattempt an event must be submitted to Cody via email. The request must include your event score and reason for requesting a a second attempt. All requests will be on a case-by-case basis.

Why do we generally limit attempts to one? Because you wouldn’t take a math test three times in a row if you weren’t happy with the results. You’d study, improve, and take the test again. We’re taking the same approach here.

7. On judging: We suggest that anyone that wants to judge during the Open completes the Crossfit Judges course. This is a requirement for anyone judging an event performed by an individual vying for a spot at regionals – individual or team. Please Cody if you are able to assist during Judged Event times.

A line must be drawn…

8. We strictly adhere to the CrossFit Games Rulebook and Drug Testing Policy, and we encourage you to review it and contact Cody with questions.

9. Have fun being fit!

The Jolly Roger at full mast during the Massacre.Updated Feb. 13, 7:50 a.m. with Event 1. Event 6 will be announced later today.

Event 1A – Frosty Toss

Outside, two athletes per team will be given one attempt each to toss an awkward object for maximum distance.

Event 1B

Inside, each teams’ other two athletes will do the workout below.

Every minute for 8 minutes:
5 one-arm kettlebell thrusters (right, Rx 45 lb., non-RX 35 lb.)
5 one-arm kettlebell thrusters (left, Rx 45 lb., non-RX 35 lb.)
10 hurdle burpees
Max shuttle sprints in remaining time

Athletes will alternate rounds, working for one minute then resting for one minute while a partner works for a minute. Score is total number of sprint lengths.

Event 2 – Barbell complex

Squat clean + hang clean + 1 lunge per leg + 1 jerk

Teams will have 10 minutes total for each member to register a score. One athlete will lift at a time. Lifters may make as many attempts as they like in any order, and lifters will confirm the weight with their judge before lifting. All teams will use a 45-lb. barbell. Collars must be on the barbell, and spare plates must be off the platform before lifting begins.

Plates: 2 x 45, 4 x 25, 2 x 15, 2 x 10, 2 x 5, 2 x 2.5


In one fluid motion from the floor, the athlete will complete a squat clean (hip crease below top of knee) and then a hang clean (squat or a power). The hang clean can be performed from any hang position, but the bar may not touch the floor. The athlete will then perform 1 lunge per leg: The knee must make contact with the floor, and the athlete must stand with both feet together before performing the next lunge. The athlete will complete the complex by using a press, push press or jerk to get the bar overhead, finishing with arms locked out and feet together.

There will be a quick briefing on this complex at the event. If you have any questions you can contact sherri@crossfit.com.

Event 3

Two scoring opportunities: Max rounds and reps, max hanging leg raises or toes-to-bars.


AMRAP 15 of:
100-ft. partner carry
4 muscle-ups (total)
8 partner deadlifts (315 lb.)
12 handstand push-ups (total)
16 partner burpee wall-ball shots (14 lb., 10 ft.)

While Pair 1 is moving through the work above, Pair 2 performs: Max toes-to-bars while partner is hanging.


In pairs, AMRAP 15 of:
100-ft. partner carry
4 ring pull-ups (total)
8 partner deadlifts (225 lb.)
6 wall walks (total)
16 partner burpee wall-ball shots

While Pair 1 is moving through the work above, Pair 2 performs: Max hanging leg raises while partner is hanging.

All four team members are working at the same time. Pair 2 will amass as many T2B or leg raises as possible while Pair 1 is moving through the other work. Once Pair 1 has completed the round, they tag Pair 2, and the two groups switch. This continues until 15 minutes have elapsed. Any pairings are acceptable; athletes may not switch pairs once the workout has started.



Partner carry: Athletes can carry partners any way they choose.

Muscle-ups: One athlete working at a time. Muscle-ups will start from the hang and finish once the athlete is in full lockout on top of the rings. Athletes can switch partners anytime.

Partner deadlifts: In pairs, athletes will perform 8 partner deadlifts. These are standard deadlifts: barbell starts on the ground, athletes must reach full extension at the top (hips open, shoulders behind bar).

HSPU: Athlete will start in a handstand with elbows extended, then lower and perform a strict or kipping HSPU. The rep is complete when the arms are locked out and the heels are on the wall. Athletes can switch anytime. Hands and fingers must stay within the mats seen in the video below.

Partner burpee wall-ball shots: Both athletes will start standing. Partner 1 will squat below parallel, throw the wall ball to the target and perform a burpee. Partner 2 will catch the ball, squat below parallel and toss the ball back before performing a burpee. The set is complete after the 16th burpee.

T2B: 1 athlete will be hanging on the bar while the other athlete performs as many T2B as possible. The movement starts in the full hang and ends when both feet touch the bar together inside the hands. Athletes may switch roles anytime.

Non RX

Ring pull-ups: Athlete will start from a dead hang with arms fully extended. At the top, some part of the chin must clearly be above wood/metal. Any style of pull-up is allowed as long as all the requirements are met.

Wall walk: The athlete starts with the chest touching the floor. The athlete then uses the feet to walk up the wall as he or she moves the hands closer to the wall. Athletes will have to go past a designated line before coming down under control to start the next rep.

Leg raises: Athlete 1 will hang from the bar while Athlete 2 performs hanging leg raises. The feet must come above the hip crease at the top of the rep. You can drop off at any point, but both people must be on the bar for the reps to count. Athletes may switch roles anytime.

Event 4 – Got Skillz?

RX: Tire flips, pull-ups, single-arm KB overhead squats (35 lb.), freestanding handstand

Non-RX: Tire flips, pull-ups, front rack double KB squats (2 x 25 lb.), shoulder taps

Teams will be fed into a ladder. All stations are 2 minutes, with 10 seconds of transition time. All team members will not do all tests. You will decide which team member does which skills test; only one team member will perform each test. Choose wisely.


Tire flips: The tire will start flat and must be flipped. The athlete moves to the other side and flips again. Tires must remain within designated area for reps to count. This is not a strength test, and tires will be of medium weight.

Dead hang + pull-up ladder: 5-second dead hang, 1 pull-up, 5-second dead hang, 2 pull-ups, etc. Athletes get one attempt only, and the set ends when the athlete lets go of the bar. Judges will time the 5-second dead hang and tell athletes when to pull. Athletes may perform pull-ups in any was as long as standards are met. Score is total pull-ups.

In the dead hang, the elbows must be locked out. The elbows must be fully extended at the bottom of the pull-up; the chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar at the top.

Single-arm kettlebell overhead squat: Athletes can get the KB in position any way they like. The arm must be fully locked out overhead before squatting and must remain locked out throughout the squat. They may break sets or switch arms as they like. Score is total reps.

Double KB front-rack squats: Athletes can get the KB into the front-rack position any way they like. Athletes then perform a standard squat. They may break sets whenever they like. Score is total reps.

Freestanding handstand: Athletes will kick up into a handstand, and the judge will start the time when the athlete is clearly under control. “Under control” does not mean “motionless.” This is at the judge’s discretion. Athletes may move their hands as long as the fingers stay within a 4×6 gym mat. Time stops if athletes move outside the mat. Athletes may make as many attempts as they like, and the judge will log only the longest unbroken hold. In the video below, the score would be 8 seconds.

Shoulder taps: Against a wall, the athlete will use a wall walk to move the hands behind a line. Once the hands are in position, the athlete uses one hand to tap the opposite shoulder before returning the hand to the floor and using the other hand to tap the opposing shoulder. Athletes may break sets whenever they like. Score is total reps.

Event 5 – The Chase


10 cleans (135/95 lb.)
15 chest-to-bar pull-ups
20 box jump-overs (24 in.)
10 hang squat snatches (95/65 lb.)
50 double-unders


10 cleans (115/75 lb.)
15 pull-ups
20 box jump-overs (20 in.)
10 hang squat snatches (75/45 lb.)
75 single skips

Cap for both divisions: 18 minutes

Each team member will do the work listed above once. Only one team member can work at a time, and he or she must complete the workout before tagging in the next teammate. Teams will have one barbell each, and the teammates who are not working are responsible for plate changes.



Clean: The barbell must touch the floor to start every repetition. Squat or power cleans are acceptable. Athletes must stand tall with the bar on the shoulders and the elbows in front of the bar to complete the rep.

Chest-to-bar pull-ups: The elbows must be fully extended at the bottom of the rep, and the chest below the collarbone must contact the bar at the top. All styles are permitted as long as standards are met.

Box jump-overs: Athletes may get over the box however they like, and they can step over the box as long as both feet come overtop of it. Full extension is not required on top of the box. Jumping or stepping down onto the other side is acceptable, but both feet must be on the ground at the same time to complete a rep.

Hang squat snatches: Athletes must deadlift the bar and stand tall before snatching the first rep. The barbell will start from a hang position anywhere above the floor. Athletes must catch in a full squat before standing with arms locked out overhead.

Double-unders: For each jump, the rope must pass around the body twice in a forward motion. Athletes can bring their own ropes; we will also have ropes available for use.

Non RX

Pull-ups: The elbows must be fully extended at the bottom of the rep, and the chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar at the top. All styles are permitted as long as standards are met.

Single skips: One hop, one skip. Athletes may not use the “running man.” Athletes can bring their own ropes; we will also have ropes available for use.


All knobs cranked to 10 today. Good luck, competitors!

Please note all regular classes will be cancelled on Feb. 13 for the 204 Massacre. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please come by and support the competitors!

Also note that all regular classes are cancelled on Feb. 15, but there will be a holiday WOD at 11 a.m.