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A woman in a blue tank top performs a dumbbell lunge with a judge beside her counting the reps.

Part 1 – Gymnastics Strength

4 sets of:

10 standing dumbbell Arnold presses
10 ring dips (add weight if needed)
3 wall walks
Rest 90 seconds

Cap: 15 minutes

Part 2: Strongman – The Gritty Grind

2 tire flips
100-m stone carry
2 rope climbs
200-m jug run

Love to Run?

If you’re interested in participating in a CrossFit 204 Manitoba Marathon relay team on June 16,  Joanna Webb is looking to put together teams of 5 participants. Legs are between 6.5 and 10.6 km. 

Please contact her at colledge.joanna@gmail.com before May 24 for more information!