The October Open

The Crossfit Open, Fall 2019 Edition is starting on Oct. 10, 2019. We will be running the Open differently this year. We will do the weekly Open workout on Saturdays for all class times—9, 10 and 11 a.m. Sign up for class as you normally do in Zen Planner.

Come join us at the gym for an Open kickoff potluck with games and activities on Oct. 5 at 5 p.m. Bring a friend and a food dish for the potluck. Then have some fun times with your gym friends.


Thanksgiving is coming and that means an opportunity to come to a holiday WOD! There will be one workout on Monday, Oct. 14, at 10 a.m. Sign up in Zen Planner to workout with someone you’ve never met!


The month of October also brings us Halloween. If you are feeling festive, come to class dressed in costume!

Build your gymnastics skills before the open with Coach CKP

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