A woman reaches her chin to successfully complete a pull-up after years of hard work.
A woman reaches her chin to successfully complete a pull-up after years of hard work.

We’ve been asking you guys about your goals lately. 

This isn’t a New Year’s thing—we don’t really believe in resolutions. As if motivated people need a reason to set goals. 

We know you already have goals because you’re at the gym. Most people don’t work out, and those who do always have a reason. You could stay at home and sit on the couch, but you don’t. You’re after something. Maybe several somethings.

Why do you drag yourself out of bed and head to the gym when it’s cold?

Why do you do 1 more rep when you’d rather rest?

Why do you want to add just 5 more pounds to the barbell and lift it?

We want to know about your goals so we can help you with them. You’ll notice our coaches are asking about goals a lot, and if they haven’t gotten to you yet, they will. Once we know what you want to do, we’re committed to helping you do it, and you can expect some extra motivation and encouragement. 

We encourage you to set at least two goals: one you can accomplish in about a month, and one that will take 6 months to a year. Both should be specific, and both should be reasonable but challenging. Here’s an example: “I want to make sure I get to the gym at least 4 times a week during the holiday season.” Another, this one long term: “I want to add 15 lb. to my deadlift by July 1.” 

Feel free to tell your coaches about your goals, but you can also go further. Write to us at info@crossfit204.com and share your thoughts.

Even better, book a free goal-setting session through our No Sweat Intro system. Just click here and pick a slot. We’ll sit down and talk to you, and we’ll put together a plan to help you accomplish your goals. We’ll help you out along the way, we’ll give you a high five when you accomplish your goal, and then we’ll help you set another one.

So think about it right now: What do you want to accomplish in 4 week? In 6 months?

Now tell us and make it happen!

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