Part 1  – Oly

E90Seconds x 10 sets:
High hang snatch + mid hang snatch + low hang snatch + Snatch + 2 overhead squats
*Focus on speed and perfect bar paths. Keep it around 50-55% of your 1rm.

Part 2

Tri’s & Bi’s

5 rounds:
Minute one: Max ski Erg Cals
Minute two: Rest
Minute three: Max dumbbell squat cleans (50/35lbs.)
Minute four: Rest

Weekly Programming Preview

Monday- Press + Gymnastics Strength
Tuesday- Oly + Conditioning
Wednesday-  Squat Stamina + Conditioning
Thursday-  Oly + Gymnastics Conditioning
Friday- Benchmark
Saturday- Bodybuilding
Sunday- Oly + Conditioning

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