Programming Preview

Monday – Overhead squat + BodyBuilding
Tuesday- Gymnastics strength + Conditioning
Wednesday- Deadlift/Lunge Stamina + Bodybuilding
Thursday- Gymnastics Conditioning + Strongman
Friday- MonsterMash
Saturday – Bench Press +BodyBuilding
Sunday – Conditioning

June 10 – Monday

Part 1

Overhead squat 2-2-2-2-2-2
Rest 2 minutes
As soon as you finish your last double:
1 max set of unbroken front squats (use the overhead squat load you finish at)

Part 2

EMOM x 4 sets:
Minute one: 12 barbell hip thrusts
Minute two: Max double Russian Kb swings
Minute three: 12 snatch gip RDL’s
Minute four: Max jumping split squats

Nutrition Foundations Starts this Week!

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