A smiling woman in a black CrossFit 204 T-shirt raises her arms overhead in victory while friends cheer.
A smiling woman in a black CrossFit 204 T-shirt raises her arms overhead in victory while friends cheer.

You’re kind of a big deal to us.

As we’ve said before, you’re really super heroes. You’re the busy people who show up daily to improve yourselves, and we’re constantly amazed by the great things you do.

We want to celebrate you more than we already did, so we had Glenda and Gary from Legends create a new PR board in the front lobby.

This is your place to write down the things you accomplish in the gym. Every thing you do is a really big deal to us, and we want to know about it. In fact, our coaches will be nagging you to fill the board so we can congratulate you, so your peers can congratulate you, and so you can inspire the people who are coming in to work out.

What to Put on the Board

A black chalkboard framed with stained wood at CrossFit 204 in Winnipeg.No accomplishment is too small to put on the board—and we’re going to help you note some of the bright spots that might pass unnoticed.

We’ll put obvious stuff on the board like first pull-up, new deadlift record and so on.

But we also want to know about the other things you’ve accomplished. Here are a few examples that might not be as obvious as a squat PR:

First time doing a new movement or using a piece of equipment.

Making it to the gym two days in a row.

Taking the stairs at work for the first time.

Putting less sugar in your coffee or eating more veggies.

Coming back to the gym after a layoff.

Doing a workout on vacation.

And so on.

You guys are doing stuff that few people do, and you might forget how special you are because it’s standard for you.

No more!

We will be actively encouraging you to find bright spots we can celebrate with you. Of course, you can still list those on the whiteboard at the end of the night, but we want something that lasts for more than a day. So put your records on the blackboard in the front lobby, too!

A smiling woman in a black 204 T-shirt flexes her biceps.

Celebrate Yourself and Each Other!

Some of you are shy and humble, but please remember that we’re a community, and we want to celebrate its members.

So whenever you achieve something—no matter how small—put it on the board in the lobby and accept some high fives. And when you see the things others accomplish, send a high five their way.

Remember, when one of us wins, we all win.

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