Greg came back from a miss to lock this one out like a boss.
It always feels good to have some weight overhead.

Push Presses 3-2-1

Push jerks 1-1-1



5 rounds of:
1 burpee
2 strict muscle-ups
3 ring dips
Max kipping muscle-ups
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Glenda: out standing in her field. Or perhaps outstanding.

3 3-minute rounds of:

Run 200 m

As many kettlebell swings as possible in remaining time

Rest 3 minutes

3 2-minute rounds of:

50 double-unders

As many burpees as possible in remaining time

Skills Session

Snatch balance 1-1-1

Power snatch 1-1-1 @ 70%

Jerk 1-1-1 @ 85%

If you've watched Mike train, you known nothing is given. Everything is earned. Well done!
Someone should get a first muscle-up today. Why not you?

Monster Mash

For time:
400-m run
45 back squats (115/75 lb.)
400-m run
30 front squats (115/75 lb.)
400-m run
15 overhead squats (115/75 lb.)

Rest 5 minutes

For time:
11 muscle-ups
7 squat snatches (135/95 lb.)
11 muscle-ups

Rest 5 minutes

For time:
30 clean and jerks (135/95 lb.)

Skills Session

10 minutes on handstand walking

Invest 30 minutes in stretching and mobility work

Today's workout complements last week's floor-press workout. It's an all-angles assault on pushing muscles.
Heavy triple today!

Floor press – build to a heavy triple in 15 minutes

4 rounds of:

Run 400 m

20 box jumps (24/20 inches)

15 shoulders-to-overheads (135/95 lb.)

20 minute time cap

Skills Session

8 sets of:

Row 150 m

Rest 2 minutes