Brothers in arms. Congrats, guys!

Brothers in arms. Congrats, guys!Partner workout!

60 box-over burpees

60 no squat wallball shots, to 10 ft. (20/14lb.)

60 push presses (75/55lb.)

60 front squats (75/55lb.)

60 overhead squats (74/55lb.)

60 ring dips

60 push-ups

60 pull-ups

60 sit-ups

Partners can divide the work however they wish. You cannot move onto the next movement until you have completed all reps at the previous one.

And then someone started The Wave...

And then someone started The Wave...Gymnasty


30 muscle-ups for time
Time cap: 13 minutes

Rest 5 minutes

3 sets of:
10 alternating dumbbell snatches (50/35 lb., total not per arm)
10 deficit handstand push-ups (16/10 in.)
Time cap: 15 minutes