Skills: the partner of gainz.

Skills: the partner of gainz.Week 2

Build on last week

Bulgarian split squats 8-8-8-8-8

Floor press 4-4-4-4

Romanian deadlifts 10-10-10-10

Rest 90 seconds

As many round and reps as possible in 8 minutes, for quality:

12 barbell roll-outs

Unbroken hanging L-sit

CrossFit 204-Legends sled 2-Square

CrossFit 204-Legends sled 2-SquareThey see me rollin’….

5 rounds, 1 minute at each station for max reps:

  1. Kettlebell snatches, alternating every 5 reps (55/35lb.)
  2. Assault bike calories
  3. Handstand push-ups
  4. Sled push, 50ft. Lengths (90/50lb.)

Rest 1 minute after 4 minutes




Part 1 :

10 rounds:

7 dumbbell thrusters (50/35lb.)

7 burpees to a 6 inch target

7 box jumps (24/20inch.)

Time cap: 17 minutes

Rest 5 minutes

Run 500m

50ft double Overhead walking lunges (50/35lb.)

Run 500m

Time cap: 7 minutes


CrossFit 204-DB clean shrug

CrossFit 204-DB clean shrugWeighted strict pull-ups 3-3-3-3-3

Weighted strict ring dips 3-3-3-3-3


Bumble and Crumble

5-3 minute rounds:

3 legless rope climbs

10 power cleans (165/125lb.)

Max double-unders in remaining time

Score is total double-unders