CrossFit 204-Legends-June 1

CrossFit 204-Legends-June 1Deadlift ladder

12 sets:

Every 90 seconds, 1 deadlift. The load can increase at each interval. If an athlete misses a lift, their ladder is complete.

Rest 5 minutes

50 wallballs shots (20/14lb.-10/9ft.)

25 wallball sit-ups

200m wallball sprint

Rest 5 minutes

Hydrant shuttle sprint

Run to hydrant 1 and back

Run to hydrant 2 and back

Run to hydrant 3 and back

CrossFit 204-Legends-Deadlift PR
CrossFit 204-Legends-Deadlift PR
Deadlift PR! Stay strong!

500-m row

25 goblet squats

7 muscle-ups

1-mile kettlebell run (perform 10 swings at every corner)

There are 2 scoring opportunities: one after the muscle-ups and one after the run.