crossfit-204-group-feb-2017-handsOverhead squat 3-3-3

Front squat 3-3-3

Back squat 3-3-3

Rest 2 minutes between all sets


50 sense

50 chest to bar pull-ups

50 handstand push-ups

Every minute on the minute, perform 20 double-unders

Time cap:15 minutes

Few things are better than seeing athletes smile and cheer for each other. I’ve seen it a thousand times at the gym, and it’s still heartwarming every time.

Today’s holiday workout was another fantastic opportunity to reflect on how a community motivates and supports its members to do great things.

During today’s three-round workout, I heard a loud cheer from small group of three women as a fourth dropped her bar.

“Is she finished?” I asked.

“No. She just completed a round.”

And that’s why we train together.

We had a great time on our archery field trip today.

You’ll note that one sentence of Greg Glassman’s Word-Class Fitness in 100 Words encourages athletes to take their fitness outside the gym and apply it to new pursuits. Doing so is a two-way street: You express your fitness in sports and become better at the activity, and you pick up new movement patterns and skills that make you fitter inside the gym.

Watching our athletes learning how to shoot a bow and arrow today made it pretty obvious that CrossFit produces competent people–people who can get stuff done. Give them any physical task and they’ll figure it out. Even if they aren’t great at stuff right away, they have the tenacity to figure it out, and they’re coachable, which makes them able to learn.

So build your fitness inside our gym, then use it outside the gym to make your life better.

It just got really quite in here.

It just got really quite in here.Louis Riel Day: All regular classes will be cancelled.

There will be a holiday workout at 11 am.  Please sign up here as you normally would. The workout is set for two hours, but you will not be working out for two hours.

We’re doing the signature workout Brett – wear your oldest, rattiest T-shirt in tribute!

Come on out and make some new friends!


I’d wager that people do more damage to health and fitness on Saturdays than on any other day of the week.

Many people think a day of excess doesn’t derail the overall plan, but think about this: What if you only smoked one day a week, but you smoked two packs on that day? It’s similar with nutrition.

Instead of ripping into a weekend of insanity, what if you accounted for a few treats during the week as part of a healthy overall diet? Then the weekend wouldn’t be a time to cut loose but rather just another day of sound nutrition.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. I’m saying that you should enjoy yourself regularly in moderation while keeping yourself on track for health and wellness.

We can show you how: 204 Lifestyle.


crossfit-204-dec-9-legends-13Gone in 60 seconds…

3 sets:

Minute 1: max calories on assault bike

Rest  30 seconds

Minute 3: max burpees

Rest 30 seconds


3 sets:

Minute 1: max dumbbell clusters (50/35lb.)

Rest 30 seconds

Minute 3: max burpees

Rest 30 seconds


3 sets:

Minute 1: max meters on rower

Rest 30 seconds

Minute 2: max burpees

Rest 30 seconds

CrossFit 204-BS curl

CrossFit 204-BS curlFloor press 5-5-3-3-3-10

Increase the load on the triples from last week, provided there were no misses.

3 rounds:

Minute 1: Max set of barbell strict presses (45/35lb.)

Minute 2: Max set of banded triceps extensions

Minute 3: Rest

3 rounds:

Minute 1: Max set of barbell biceps curls (45/35lb.)

Minute 2: Max set of ring rows

Minute 3: Rest